HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud has been forthcoming and resolute in his actions and has supported many committees and organisations ever since the beginning of his career.

Prince Mohammed is the brain and driving force of Vision 2030 that includes a comprehensive map for socioeconomic development which mainly aims at:

To transform Saudi Arabia into a global investment powerhouse thereby recognising investment capabilities and to stimulate the economy by diversifying the resources.

Acknowledging and building on the most favourable geographic location that the Kingdom is, connecting Asia, Europe and Africa making it the gateway for trade and communication with the world.

To recognise the determination and strength of Saudi youth and by giving them opportunities to grow and excel in by creating jobs for them.

Developing ARAMCO into a global industrial conglomerate by transforming Public Investment Fund into a sovereign Wealth Fund by encouraging major corporations of the country to expand globally, and by increasing production in the country itself.

To increase international public offering so that others can invest in the country’s resources and businesses.

To increase transparency and digital transparency and setting up government agencies to monitor work flow.

Provide opportunities for the public in the fields of education, training, high quality services, employment, housing and entertainment.

With the Kingdom, thriving and developing with culture and religion, to be able to flourish into a tolerant country with Islam as its constitution and moderation as its method.

Quote by the Prince

"We seek to be proud of our country, and allow the latter to contribute to the development of the world, whether on the economic, environmental, civilisational, or intellectual levels."