The noble cause to provide shelter and support to the needy and to eradicate social issues, H.H. Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud’s Charitable Housing Project was started as part of H.H Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud Charity Housing Trust and after developing into a full-fledged project has acclaimed many awards and recognition worldwide since then. The project also helps the deprived by firstly, providing stable and safe homes; secondly, training and development programs based on professional social methods, to build capacity and change residents’ status from needy to productive, to motivate the public and to eliminate poverty as an end to the mission.

This project is mainly set up to empower Saudi Nationals and to provide them with opportunities which they can grow upon. Through this project, special attention is given to those in need, those suffering from drug addictions, homelessness, senior citizens, orphans, disabled persons, and low-income households. As a means, houses are built, all amenities are provided and changes are made along with the growth of the community. The project mainly believes in sustaining the respect of the Saudi population and uplifting them so that they can grow and help the nation.

Quote by the Prince

"We seek to be proud of our country, and allow the latter to contribute to the development of the world, whether on the economic, environmental, civilisational, or intellectual levels."